About Excalibur Books

Excalibur Books is an independent publishing house based in Tokyo, Japan, publishing Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy. A lot of what we publish is fiction set in Japan or has themes of Japanese mythology, legends and folklore, but we cover other times and places as well in our fiction and non-fiction. We have twelve titles in print (both ebooks and paperbacks) at this time of writing.

        This year, readers of Excalibur Books can look forward to …

The official launch of Volume Two of the alternative history science fiction collection, Tales From Beyond Tomorrow! (Release Date: March 25th)

A special promotion to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”! 

(The above illustration is by Bernie Wrightson – all rights reserved – and has nothing to do with the promotion.)

The start of a new supernatural thriller series from Zoe Drake – “Fiat Lux”! 

The start of a new science fiction series from John Paul Catton – “Europe After The Rain”!

New paperbacks from Zoe Drake!

The beginning of the Excalibur 2020 Project – a new venture where we directly involve you, the reader, in our publications! 

Six reasons why Excalibur is the cutting edge of speculative fiction in 2018!

Find out more about our catalog here …

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