Japan-Based Science Fiction

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Zero Sum Game 

The resurrection of one world will mean the destruction of another …

The homeworld of the alien Noigel has been annihilated. Their existence as a species is on a razor’s edge, but they have found a replacement: Earth. It must be changed to suit their needs – if they succeed, then all of humanity will perish.

When an alien secret agent is killed, his technology and mission are given to Hina Takamachi. The Japanese schoolgirl discovers that the alien’s battle suit gives her incredible powers, just like the anime heroines she admired as a kid. The battle suit’s artificial intelligence, whom Hina names Voice, informs her that only she can save the world from the Noigel. With Voice training and guiding her, Hina must overcome her own self-doubts and find the courage to stop the Noigel’s plan.

For one world to win, the other must lose …

“an original take on the superhero archetype” – Amazon 5-star review.

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Adventure Hunters: Similitude

Artorius, Regina, and Lisa are three adventurers who explore ruins and ancient buildings looking for treasures. Most of the time, they’re just trying to make ends meet – but when they explore a town rampaged by goblins, they get more than they bargained for. They uncover a cache of ancient war golems, powerful weapons of destruction once thought to be only myths. Soon, they are in a quest for the Lambda Driver, the key to the golems’s activation. But they aren’t the only ones, and they will have to defy their own king to find it first. If King Ryvas has his way, he will unleash the golems’s destructive power on the neighboring kingdom.

The adventurers’s quest will take them from mountains to poisoned valleys and enchanted forests, but time is running out. Where is the Lambda Driver? What secret do the golems hold? And why does their friend Regina seem to be in the midst of it all?

“It left me satisfied and yet also wanting a sequel, like eating a delicious something makes you want to eat more of that something …” – Amazon 5-star review.

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 Cody L. Martin is an American writer living in Japan. An avid SF fan, he wrote his first screenplay in high school and has branched out into SF and action novels. He has written articles about Star Trek, SF fandom, comic book movies, and life in Japan, for various magazines and websites. He is the author of “Adventure Hunters: Similitude” and “Zero Sum Game”. He lives in Yamaguchi with his beautiful wife, Yoko. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys watching movies, reading, and listening to Morning Musume, Beryz Koubou, and other J-Pop singers.