Japan-Based Horror

Zoe Drake is an Australian writer, journalist and photographer living in Tokyo, Japan. She is also one of the authors on the Excalibur Books publisher’s list.

She is the author of:

Dark Lanterns

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A city of 12 million people. 12 months of the year. 4 seasons. 15 short stories. In these spine-chilling tales we meet 15 residents of modern Tokyo; businesspeople, high-school students, laborers, foreign exchange students, chefs, gangsters, down-and-outs…
Each of them will encounter one of the Yokai – the supernatural creatures immortalized in Japanese myths, legends and folk tales. Some of them will survive the experience. Some of them will not.
All of them will be changed forever.


Dead Hand Clapping


Tokyo, January 2002. The world is still in shock after 9/11 and Japan is in a state of paranoia, fearing a terrorist attack on its own soil.
This is the setting of “Dead Hand Clapping”, an edgy, sexy, supernatural thriller that follows three individuals whose fates are drawn together by a maddening and inexplicable sequence of events. Police Sergeant Seichii Kondo is hunting a bizarre serial killer haunting Tokyo’s sex clubs; hedonistic Londoner Ian McKenna is attending the funeral of his expatriate father, and searching for the reason behind his sudden, unexpected death; young actress Noriko Tanahashi is rehearsing for a major production of “King Lear” and finding her life disrupted by the awakening of her psychic powers, bringing terrifying visions of holocaust.
Three lives, brought together by one lethal, horrifying secret that refuses to stay buried.


The Mists of Osorezan

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It begins with a series of unconnected mysteries …

AOMORI, JAPAN: A young girl dies during the testing of a revolutionary brain-scanning technology.

VENICE, ITALY: Strange omens are seen in the skies above a haunted island in the lagoon.

LONDON, ENGLAND: A secret society of occultists gather to discuss the oncoming crisis.

Gradually the threads are drawn together …

David Keall, a young British resident of Japan, finds himself attracted to his private student, Saori Yoshida, and becomes fascinated by the mysterious death of her sister during trials of the Tsuguru University Sleep Research Project. He enrolls in the same project to help Saori uncover the truth, but finds his life turning into a nightmare as his darkest dreams erupt into reality around him. Two mysterious strangers with paranormal powers arrive, offering help … but can he trust them? Can David find his way back to normality – or will he be lost forever in the mists of Osorezan?