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Voice of the Mirror: Exclusive!

Chapter One from the sequel to “Voice of the Sword”, Book 2 in the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” trilogy! It was the Godless Month. The tenth month of the year, when the Gods of Japan leave their shrines and assemble at … Continue reading

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Barcelona, 2002: “The Bloody Tourist”

EXCERPT It was absurd. Like wax running down a mask covering the face of the sky. Sean Radlett had been looking forward to this experience; for an architect, Barcelona was one of the more interesting places to take a holiday, … Continue reading

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Voice of the Sword

Now it can be revealed!!! This is the amazing cover for “Voice of the Sword”, book one of the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” YA Urban Fantasy trilogy written by John Paul Catton, cover designed by Stephanie White. On sale later this … Continue reading

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Excalibur Books Publication Schedule 2012

Excalibur 2012 Publication Schedule The publication schedule for Excalibur Books, for the rest of 2012, will be as follows; NOVEMBER: “3/11: THE FALLOUT” – written by Patrick Fox. Non-fiction. “SWORD, MIRROR, JEWEL: BOOK 1 – VOICE OF THE SWORD” – … Continue reading

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The Skytree Gang – part 2

The picture you see here is of a temple named Komagata Douho, located between Azuma bridge and Komatata bridge in Asakusa. This marks the place where, over a thousand years ago, a group of fishermen in the swampy rivers of … Continue reading

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The Temple of the Tengu

Friday May 11th took me to Mount Takao, a site of natural beauty on the outskirts of western Tokyo. Mount Takao is a sacred site closely associated with the Tengu – fearsome winged humanoids from Japanese mythology. Near the summit, … Continue reading

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Moonlight, Murder & Machinery

Thus, as one strange chapter in the life of our heroes comes to an end … another, still stranger one begins!!! How were the Romantic Poets Shelley, Byron and Keats all able to gain supernatural powers? What is the sinister … Continue reading

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And in Myth-Related News…

Hot on the heels of the Gegege no Kitaro exhibition in Tokyo, we have … The monster hunter’s guide to Tokyo!

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Eldritch and Abominable

What do these two gentlemen have in common? Find out here

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Cower Before Orochi

Latest update to The Power of the Kami – here.

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