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The Official Kappa of Kappabashi Image Gallery (sort of)

On a beautiful day in Spring (April 12) I decided to count and record the Kappa statues in the Kappabashi area of Shitamachi, Tokyo. If I missed one or two … please let me know in a comment!    (This … Continue reading

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Join the Excalibur Mailing List

For news of exclusives promotions, features, contests and giveaways in YA Fantasy, Alternative-History Science Fiction, Supernatural Thrillers, Japan-based Horror, Bizarro Rock Mysteries, join the mailing list! Just send an email to John Paul Catton and Jacob Smith at with … Continue reading

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“Voice of the Jewel” Paperback Launch Competition & Giveaway!

    Welcome to the Voice of the Jewel paperback launch competition and giveaway! This online event will be held from now until February 26th, to officially launch the paperback edition of the grand finale of the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” … Continue reading

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John Paul Catton: An Overview

At the mid-point of 2015, and with the first draft of “Voice of the Jewel” finished and clocking in at just under 100,000 words, I thought it was time for a look at where we’re at. The Sword, Mirror, Jewel … Continue reading

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New Film of Japan’s Greatest Artist

In the years before he died, Katsushika Hokusai is reported to have said: “If Heaven will grant me just five more years, then I will become a real painter.” This showed the acerbic wit of the man whose work has … Continue reading

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Reiko’s School Trip to the End of the World

Sapporo – the capital city of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido! The word ‘island’ doesn’t really do justice to the sprawling scope of Hokkaido – think of it as Scotland, and Sapporo as Edinburgh, and you’ll have an idea of … Continue reading

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New Release: Voice of the Mirror

“Voice of the Mirror” is the sequel to “Voice of the Sword”, and Book Two in the explosive YA Urban Fantasy trilogy based on themes and characters from Japanese mythology! Ebook available now – paperback coming soon! BUY IT HERE!

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Cover Reveal: “Voice of the Mirror”

NEW!!! This is the stunning front cover for Book Two of the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” trilogy – designed and painted by sizzling Stephanie White. For more details, go here!

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Voice of the Mirror: Exclusive!

Chapter One from the sequel to “Voice of the Sword”, Book 2 in the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” trilogy! It was the Godless Month. The tenth month of the year, when the Gods of Japan leave their shrines and assemble at … Continue reading

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Barcelona, 2002: “The Bloody Tourist”

EXCERPT It was absurd. Like wax running down a mask covering the face of the sky. Sean Radlett had been looking forward to this experience; for an architect, Barcelona was one of the more interesting places to take a holiday, … Continue reading

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