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Jimmy Diamond – part 2

For part 1, go to the main menu and scroll down. The man in front was tall, with short sandy hair brushed to the side, wearing heavy black NHS spectacles with straight sidebars. The second stranger held the blaster pointed … Continue reading

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Nagisa Oshima: 1932 – 2013.

Winston Saint takes a look at one of the Japanese film director’s greatest achievements – “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”. Here.

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Sonik Kicks in Odaiba

Saturday night; the 303 Crew heads down to Odaiba to see Paul Weller live. Plenty of tracks off the new album, some Style Council gems … but only one Jam song. Shame. But at least it was a great song! … Continue reading

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Scoop!!! World Shocked by Imminent Mod Revival

You may wonder why things have been so quiet recently. To be honest, I’ve been working on getting “Voice of the Sword” ready for release, and there are two other books waiting in the wings. I’ve got a birthday coming … Continue reading

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Sound And Vision

Sukita Masayoshi, legendary rock photographer – exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Ebisu, through September – full story to follow soon.

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The Apocalypse will continue – after this word from our sponsor

Yes, indeed, I’d like to digress for a moment and mention what’s … happening over at the offices of Fugue magazine. Jamie Carter’s efforts have resulted in the unearthing of the album cover artwork for the only album ever recorded … Continue reading

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The Sunday Afternoon Teatime of the Soul

I shall be taking a break from reportage of our new Post-Apocalyptic nation for the next week and posting something different. This weekend, Jamie Carter’s feature on the secret history of The Clash is published in Fugue magazine, but before … Continue reading

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And If You’re Wondering …

… why the name of Manji’s record company is called “Smashing Time”, then here’s the answer. Smashing Time (1967) is the title of one of the essential movies on the subject of Swinging London. You can find a taster here.

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The Revolving Painted World of the Tokyo Mods

Another good night at Studio Jam; the band pictured onstage is the Minnesota Voodoo Men, and the shot shows one of their audience-participation stage-invasion moments (that they love so much). Bottom picture; the new 45′ single from my good friend … Continue reading

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Secret Affair

Live @ Koenji High Jan 16th!

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