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Raygun Gothic Cover Reveal!

This is variant cover # 1 (by Lia Rees) of “The Martian Dialogues”, an Atompunk/Raygun Gothic e-short to be included in the forthcoming Volume 2 of “Tales From Beyond Tomorrow!”

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The World’s First Official Godzilla Store!

Anyone interested in the Godzilla films, the ‘Kaiju’ tradition, or Japanese pop culture in general may well be interested in the first store dedicated exclusively to the big green behemoth! The Godzilla Store opened on October 30th 2017 – to … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal: Weird Western Steampunk

This is the new variant cover to “A Coffin Full Of Stars”, the ninth novelette in the “Futurist Manifesto” alternate-history science fiction series. Cover design and illustration by Terrific Terry Lim Diefenbach! Read an excerpt from the story here!    … Continue reading

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Results of the Fantasy “Supernatural Summer Challenge” Competition!

Excalibur Books would like to give a very big thank you to the six winners of the August “Supernatural Summer Challenge” Facebook event! We had a number of thought-provoking real-life brushes with the paranormal to cool us down in the … Continue reading

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“Read More – Listen Better!” – An Interview with Artist Phill Evans

Phill Evans is a British multi-media artist who has created some striking covers and illustrations for Excalibur Books. As Artist of the Month July 2017, this is an exclusive interview with him.   (NB. On this page we are showcasing … Continue reading

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Phill Evans – “1992”

This is Phill Evans’s vision of an alternative Dystopian London-  in the disturbing Cyberpunk tale, “Skin Condition”! The year is 1992 in an environmentally devastated, dystopian Britain. The wealthy and controversial TV evangelist Howard Hopgood lies in a London hospital, … Continue reading

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New Wave Slipstream

A PSYCHEDELIC GHOST IN THE MACHINE! On December 31st 1999, a man walked out of his Southend hotel room and was never seen again. This baffling disappearance was the latest (but not the last) chapter in the turbulent life of … Continue reading

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Alternative-History Science Fiction

What strange fate awaits you … beyond tomorrow? This collection of short stories and novellas includes visions of alternative history, where alterations of events and technology have produced worlds eerily different from our own. From a traumatized Spiritualist medium trying … Continue reading

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Deene Kingston: “Blackout”

The Big Shout Out to artist Deene Kingston keeps on rolling, with his internal illustration for The Futurist Manifesto # 5: “Nightfall in Utopia”! Publisher’s Description:  July 13th, 1977: New York City is paralyzed by a mysterious blackout, cutting off … Continue reading

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Deene Kingston: “From Venus With Love”

We continue the Big Shout Out to Artist of the Month Deene Kingston with his stunning cover to The Futurist Manifesto # 4: “Jimmy Diamond and the Girl from Venus”! Publisher’s Description: London, 1965. The city is a swinging, futuristic … Continue reading

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