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Speculative storytelling and skewed fiction: the blog and website of author John Paul Catton.

July Science Fiction & Fantasy Free Book Bonanza!

Until July 21st, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Bonanza website is offering gems such as these: “Penumbra” by Nazri Noor  Dustin Graves died in a ritual sacrifice … and then awoke in the eldritch city of Valero, a wellspring … Continue reading

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July Fantasy & Science Fiction Giveaway Extravaganza!

FROM JULY 1ST TO JULY 31ST: THE FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA! Magic gangs, sorcerer police, and a girl on the run from both … Japanese Gods who rob the Devil, and the fallen angel sent to recover what’s … Continue reading

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The Five Best Steampunk Stores from Steampark Tokyo 2019

  BELOW: Denki Endorphin: Chunky jewelry from repurposed industrial debris and found objects.   DENKI ENDORPHIN: Web shop Email: BELOW: DM DESIGN: Steampunk waistcoats, dusters and kitbags with a Post-Apocalyptic twist. DM DESIGN: Web shop BELOW: MAYOZONES. … Continue reading

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Interview: Award-winning Author Charles Kowalski

ANNOUNCING the latest addition to Excalibur Books! Charles Kowalski writes both adult thrillers, and fantasy for younger readers. His debut thriller, MIND VIRUS, won the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Colorado Gold Award and was a finalist for the Killer Nashville … Continue reading

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Exclusive Interview: Authors Leza Lowitz and Shogo Oketani

Excalibur Books is honored to have an exclusive interview with the award-winning author team, Leza Lowitz and Shogo Oketani! Lowitz has published over 20 books in genres including young adult fiction, memoir, poetry, fiction, and translation, and also runs a … Continue reading

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Excalibur 2020 – Call for Submissions!

ANNOUNCING: A BRAND NEW PROJECT TO  CELEBRATE THE TOKYO OLYMPICS!  Excalibur Books is proud to announce the upcoming anthology, EXCALIBUR 2020: TALES FROM BEYOND TOMORROW VOLUME 3 for print and electronic publication to be published in 2020, and we are … Continue reading

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“Sakura: Intellectual Property” – The Interview!

Excalibur Books presents an exclusive interview with the co-creators of the best-selling Cyberpunk SF phenomenon “Sakura: Intellectual Property” – Paul Genesse and Patrick Tracy!     Paul Genesse  Patrick Tracy  How did this project come about? Patrick: Our dear friend, … Continue reading

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Best Fantasy/Science Fiction Novels Set In Japan – Part 1!

For decades, the nation of Japan has been a magnet for writers of speculative fiction – with authors such as William Gibson  and David Mitchell being inspired by the land of paradox. Here is part one of a look at … Continue reading

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Top Ten Urban Fantasy Adventure Books

Excalibur Books publish Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction – and today we’re going to look at one of our favorite subgenres, Urban Fantasy – and some of the leading authors and books in that field. For regular news of the … Continue reading

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Top Twelve Albums of the Year 2018

Although Excalibur Books is mainly a publishing enterprise, music is a huge part of our lives. Here’s a selection of what’s been on the office turntables this year while we’ve been crafting stories of the strange and the unearthly.  Ladies … Continue reading

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