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December 1940: “Love and Magick”

This is a complete story taken from the forthcoming collection by J P Catton, “Engines of Night”.  SORRY, TIME’S UP! THIS STORY IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  

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A Serial Killer was released last weekend …

The following is an excerpt from the novel “Dead Hand Clapping” by Zoe Drake, a crime thriller with supernatural elements, released Dec 15th 2019.  Detective Kondo never believed in the supernatural. But then, he’s never met a serial killer like Mabus.  … Continue reading

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Short Story: Drowning in the Sea of Trees

The following is a complete short story taken from Zoe Drake’s forthcoming collection, Dark Lanterns. SORRY, TIME’S UP! STORY NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Missing your Horror fix? Click here for … The Mists of Osorezan!   

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Osorezan – Japan’s Mysterious ‘Mt Fear’

Osorezan is the name of a remote temple complex known as one of the three great reijo – one of the most spiritually powerful sites in Japan – the other two being Mount Koya in Wakayama, and Mount Hiei in Shiga. Even … Continue reading

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The Japan Writers’ Conference 2019

“It was a miracle that the 2019 Japan Writers Conference took place at all.” This was the general verdict of everyone who attended. Originally scheduled to take place on the 12th and 13th October 2019 at Meiji Gakuin University campus, … Continue reading

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The Yuki-Onna, Queen of the Yokai: “Her touch brings freezing death!”

ABOVE: An Edo period ilustration of a Yuki-Onna, courtesy of WikiCommons. The Yuki-Onna, the female snow-spirit with the icy touch of death, was immortalized in Lafcadio Hearn’s retelling of the folktale in Kwaidan, and also Masaki Kobayashi’s 1964 film adaptation of … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Kamisama of Japanese Mythology

A quick guide to the main players in the Japanese mythical pantheon (who also appear in the YA Science Fantasy series “Sword, Mirror, Jewel”).                                 … Continue reading

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The Tengu: Friend or Foe?

Their red-faced masks with the phallic noses can be found everywhere in Japan, from souvenir shops to festival stalls to cheap izakaya pub-restaurants (one chain is even named after them) to packets of beef jerky. But who exactly are … … Continue reading

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The Kappa: Japan’s Mysterious Green Goblins

ABOVE: A painting of some suave Kappa-about-town seen in Nishi-Guchi Yakiton, a pub-restaurant in Asakusabashi, downtown Shitamachi Tokyo. Today we look at one of the many bizarre denizens of Japan’s supernatural universe. They are legendary creatures that turn up as … Continue reading

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July Science Fiction & Fantasy Free Book Bonanza!

Until July 21st, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Bonanza website is offering gems such as these: “Penumbra” by Nazri Noor  Dustin Graves died in a ritual sacrifice … and then awoke in the eldritch city of Valero, a wellspring … Continue reading

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