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Excalibur meets the World People Project

Excalibur Books is proud to announce that next week, we will be taking part in a collaboration with the above mentioned web site! For more details – GO HERE!  The Editors.  

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Japan’s Artistic Genius Gets His Own Museum

There are two things that haunt you everywhere you go in the Tokyo district of Sumida. One of them is the Sky Tree, dominating the skyline and casting its shadow across your path. The other is the painting of “The … Continue reading

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The Official Kappa of Kappabashi Image Gallery (sort of)

On a beautiful day in Spring (April 12) I decided to count and record the Kappa statues in the Kappabashi area of Shitamachi, Tokyo. If I missed one or two … please let me know in a comment!    (This … Continue reading

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Japan Writer’s Conference 2017

The Japan Writers Conference will return to Tokyo this year at the Ekoda campus of Nihon University College of Art, October 8 & 9, 2017. This will be on Sunday and Monday – Monday being “Health and Sports Day,” a … Continue reading

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Aspects of Steampunk # 2: The Eiffel Tower

Ah, the symbol of Paris, and even France itself! The Eiffel Tower is the most popular human-made monument in the world, with approximately seven million visitors every year (almost 250 million people have visited it since it first opened). It … Continue reading

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David Bowie is – in Tokyo!

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For news of exclusives promotions, features, contests and giveaways in YA Fantasy, Alternative-History Science Fiction, Supernatural Thrillers, Japan-based Horror, Bizarro Rock Mysteries, join the mailing list! Just send an email to John Paul Catton and Jacob Smith at with … Continue reading

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Preview: “A Coffin Full Of Stars” – part 2

This is part two of the alternative-history Wild West short story. If you haven’t read part one yet, go here.  All of them jumped up in alarm, their chairs toppling backwards with a crash. Four new figures had entered from … Continue reading

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Mailing List Now Available!

Excalibur Books now has a mailing list service available! If you would like to receive advance news of releases, contests, and giveaways before it’s released to the public, then join the mailing list by sending an email to! Just … Continue reading

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Preview: “A Coffin Full of Stars”

this is the opening chapter from “A Coffin Full of Stars”, the ninth story in the Futurist Manifesto series. For more information about Futurist Manifesto, go here.  The hotel room was silent, apart from the buzzing of flies at the window, … Continue reading

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