The Excalibur Books Catalogue

Shipwrecked and alone in haunted Japan … Simon Grey and the March of a Hundred Ghosts, by Charles Kowalski






Alien science meets ancient Japanese mythology in this epic battle across time and space … ” … combines the pace of a modern science fiction/fantasy novel with an authentic recreation of the atmosphere, society, history and mythology of Japan.” – Amazon 5-star review.
the Sword Mirror Jewel trilogy, by John Paul Catton

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Hina Takamichi was a girl of two worlds … but only one would survive …Zero Sum Game, by Cody Martin




The Nihon Gothic series – a set of standalone supernatural thrillers set in Japan, by Zoe Drake
Book 1: The Mists of Osorezan
In Venice, in London, in the deep Japanese countryside … the sleepers are awaking …

Book 2: Dead Hand Clapping
A bizarre serial killer is stalking Tokyo’s sleazy underworld …

“A multileveled crime thriller that is vast in scope”   – Amazon 5-star review.

“I could see this type of book sparking a whole new sub-genre of Japanese thrillers.” – Amazon 5-star review.

Book 3: Dark Lanterns
A collection of 15 chilling Tokyo ghost stories featuring the Yokai – grotesque creatures from Japanese folklore and mythology …

“An eerie amalgam of the mundane and the ethereal … who knows what you’ll discover by the light of the Dark Lantern?” – Amazon 5-star review.