Mystery and Horror … beneath the “Cold Skies”!

The latest release from Excalibur Books is the psychological horror novel “Cold Skies” by Zoe Drake, out April 21st!

It was supposed to be a simple assignment … 

Professional photographer Gareth Manning takes on an assignment in the Fenlands, a bleak and windswept part of England’s remote countryside, without thinking much of it. A group of local eccentrics, funded by a prestigious American University, have organized a nocturnal Skywatch project to investigate the recent increase of UFO sightings in the area.

But something is waiting for them in the Fenlands …

Something stranger than anything they expected …

And if Gareth can’t solve the mystery of what is lurking out there in the lonely fields and ditches, and why it’s focused on him – it will claim his sanity, then his life, and the lives of everyone he loves …

After the “Nihon Gothic” series of Japan-based horror novels, Zoe has  written her first novel set in the UK. If you enjoyed the twist-filled mystery of “Dead Hand Clapping,” you’ll  be thrilled and chilled by “Cold Skies”! 

The “Nihon Gothic” series (box set available here): 


It begins with a series of unconnected mysteries …

Aomori, Japan: A young girl dies during the testing of a revolutionary brain-scanning technology.

Venice, Italy: Strange omens are seen in the skies above a haunted island in the lagoon.

London, England: A secret society of occultists gather to discuss the oncoming crisis.

Slowly the threads are drawn together …

David Keall, a young British resident of Japan, finds himself attracted to his private student, Saori Yoshida, and becomes fascinated by the mysterious death of her sister during trials of the Tsuguru University Sleep Research Project. He enrolls in the same project to help Saori uncover the truth, but finds his life turning into a nightmare as his darkest dreams erupt into the world around him. Two mysterious strangers with paranormal powers arrive, offering help … but can he trust them? Can David make his way back to reality – or will he and Saori be consumed by the horrific creatures that dwell in the mists of Osorezan?



Detective Kondo has never believed in the supernatural.

But then, he’s never met a serial killer like Mabus.

As a sergeant in the Homicide Department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Seiichi Kondo is called in to investigate the bizarre, ritualistic murders of two prostitutes. The trail leads him to a visiting foreigner whose disturbing behavior gets him arrested as a suspect. It also leads him to a young girl who claims to have psychic powers, and warns him of an approaching holocaust.

But Kondo is a rational police officer. He does not believe in the supernatural …

Until he deduces that they’ve arrested the wrong man, and he starts to experience visions himself. False memories. Glimpses of the future. And the haunting, mocking presence of the killer, forcing him to question his own sanity …



A spine-chilling collection of 15 ghost stories featuring Yokai (creatures from Japanese legends and folklore) set in modern Tokyo.

A city of 13 million people. 12 months of the year. 4 seasons. 15 short stories.

In these spine-chilling tales we meet 15 residents of modern Tokyo; businesspeople, high-school students, laborers, foreign exchange students, chefs, gangsters, down-and-outs…

Each of them will encounter one of the Yokai – the supernatural creatures immortalized in Japanese myths, legends and folk tales. Some of them will survive the experience. Some of them will not.

All of them will be changed forever.



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