Launching A Box Set of Supernatural Thrillers – at half price!

A secret society of occultists hunt an ancient abomination from Venice to the remote Japanese countryside …

A bizarre serial killer stalks his victims through Tokyo’s sleazy clubland …

Fifteen individuals find their lives irrevocably changed by the mysterious, shape-shifting Yokai

We’re delighted to announce the final 2020 release from Excalibur Books! Out Dec 21st (and available pre-order now) is the Zoe Drake “Nihon Gothic” Box Set, which collects the full length supernatural thrillers “The Mists of Osorezan”, “Dead Hand Clapping”, and “Dark Lanterns” in one volume! And what’s more – as our Yuletide present to you, dear reader, we’re releasing this Kaiju-size read at half price until the end of Dec 25th 2020!

Who says this isn’t the Age of Excalibur?

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