The Five Best Steampunk Stores from Steampark Tokyo 2019


BELOW: Denki Endorphin: Chunky jewelry from repurposed industrial debris and found objects.




BELOW: DM DESIGN: Steampunk waistcoats, dusters and kitbags with a Post-Apocalyptic twist.

DM DESIGN: Web shop

BELOW: MAYOZONES. Steampunk jewelry, accessories and tee-shirts with a Western Cattlepunk vibe.

MAYOZONES: Official web site

BELOW: IAITOKYO (featuring ROBOT HEAD GIRL. (Quirky, Steampunk themed pop and and electronica.

IAITOKYO: No website – contact through Twitter, @iaitokyo.

BELOW: MECL. Another store with a Cowpunk/Cattlepunk slant on Steampunk, with its “Rail” series of jewelry and accessories – inspired by the massive locomotives that pushed forward the Western Frontier.

MECL: Email –

Twitter: Aomecl

Instagram: lem_mecl





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