July Science Fiction & Fantasy Free Book Bonanza!

Until July 21st, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Bonanza website is offering gems such as these:

“Penumbra” by Nazri Noor 

Dustin Graves died in a ritual sacrifice … and then awoke in the eldritch city of Valero, a wellspring of dark magic within him.

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“Angel Revelation” by Mary Abshire 

The last of her kind – and fated to tip the balance in the war between Heaven and Hell.

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“Michael McGillicuddy and the Most Amazing Race” by Trevor A. Dutcher  

Puzzling intrigue, epic adventure, and cut-throat competition – in Steampunk 1895 Europe!

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Victor: A Robot Empire Prequel by Kevin Partner

There’s a robot uprising on the paradise planet of Praxos IV – but the robots are not the only things the humans have to fear …

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“Virus Vault” by Jay Tinsiano

Deep underground in Antarctica lies the Virus Vault – a pandora’s box of the world’s most dangerous viruses and plagues.What could possibly go wrong …?

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