Bruno Cerkvenik – Excalibur Artist of the Month!

This month we salute the Brilliant Bruno Cerkvenik, who created the stunning cover for The Futurist Manifesto story # 8 – the London-based Cyberpunk thriller “Fast Falls The Eventide”!

Bruno Cerkvenik is a digital artist originally from Brazil. Six years ago, he swapped hemispheres to live and work in Ireland.
After graduating with a BA in Graphic Design, he has been involved in a wide range of productions providing a variety of work such as book covers, card game and board game illustrations, promo art, character and environment design for companies in the USA, South America, Europe and Japan. You can check out more of his work at

For the ebook cover, Bruno was heavily inspired by the Sci-Fi movies of the 80’s like Blade Runner, Terminator and Escape from New York. The Retro-Futuristic style with it’s high-contrast between light and dark, the so-called “Tech noir”, helped him create the image of a futuristic yet decadent London!

BELOW: Bruno’s take on the ‘Star Wars’ millennial mythology …


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