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“The Sakura Strategy”

EXCERPT FROM THE “SWORD, MIRROR, JEWEL” FANTASY TRILOGY BASED ON JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY: We soon entered the bustling streets of the second block of Aioicho, in the Honjo district, and looked out cautiously upon the soiled, transient beauty of the Low … Continue reading

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Weird Western Thriller – “A Coffin Full Of Stars”!

EXCERPT: The silence of the hotel room was gradually infiltrated by the buzzing of flies at the window, the wind blowing outside, a door banging open and shut in the distance, and the deep, labored breathing of the man on … Continue reading

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New Decopunk Thriller “Firewater” – Excerpt!

Volume Two of “Tales From Beyond Tomorrow” is available for pre-order now – and here’s a taste of one of the stories included!  SYNOPSIS: Salt Lake City, 1924: Although prosperous and respectable on the surface, the state of Utah is … Continue reading

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Seven Things You Never Knew About Frankenstein (The Movies)!

Welcome to the second part of our special Frankenstein feature! To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of “Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus”, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, and the creation of this first acknowledged work of the Science Fiction genre, … Continue reading

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