Six Awesome Reading Experiences for 2018!

This year, readers of Excalibur Books can look forward to …

The official launch of Volume Two of the alternative history science fiction collection, Tales From Beyond Tomorrow! (Release Date: March 25th)

A special promotion to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”! 

(The above illustration is by Bernie Wrightson – all rights reserved – and has nothing to do with the promotion.)

The start of a new supernatural thriller series from Zoe Drake – “Fiat Lux”! 

The start of a new science fiction series from John Paul Catton – “Europe After The Rain”!

New paperbacks from Zoe Drake!

The beginning of the Excalibur 2020 Project – a new venture where we directly involve you, the reader, in our publications! 

Six reasons why Excalibur is the cutting edge of speculative fiction in 2018!

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