The World’s First Official Godzilla Store!

Anyone interested in the Godzilla films, the ‘Kaiju’ tradition, or Japanese pop culture in general may well be interested in the first store dedicated exclusively to the big green behemoth! The Godzilla Store opened on October 30th 2017 – to coincide with the leviathan lizard’s 63rd birthday on November 3rd, and the release of the new anime “Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters”, on Nov 17th. This film (the first part of a trilogy) is the first animated full-length Godzilla movie, and is part of the official canon, being the 30th film in the Toho Godzilla franchise.

As you’d expect, there are dozens of products dedicated to the multi-media monster, including action figures, T-shirts, mouse pads, notebooks, key holders, desk calendars, phone cases, posters, coffee mugs, pens and many others. Pride of place goes to the exclusive Shin Godzilla 18cm figurine (customers are restricted to buying only one of these at any one time).

The store is on the first floor of Shinjuku’s Marui Annex, right next to Shinjuku San-chome station. We are not exactly sure if this location is permanent or limited-time only, so we recommend going as soon as fairly possible. It would be an awesome place for Christmas present ideas, for example. Unfortunately, the birthday cake is not for sale!

〒160-0022 Tokyo, 新宿区Shinjuku, 3−1−26.



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