Results of the Fantasy “Supernatural Summer Challenge” Competition!

Excalibur Books would like to give a very big thank you to the six winners of the August “Supernatural Summer Challenge” Facebook event! We had a number of thought-provoking real-life brushes with the paranormal to cool us down in the summer heat. Here are the six winners:

Logan Howlett, USA.

Terry Lim Diefenbach, USA.

Chika Kamiya, Japan.

John Gorski, USA.

Jeremiah Dutch, USA.

Glen Young, Australia.

Copies of the ghost story collection “Dark Lanterns” by Zoe Drake have been sent out to each winner!

Their stories can be read here!

An extra special thank you goes to Terry Lim Diefenbach, who provided the illustration for this page, inspired by the contest! Meet the kuntil anak …  a species of Yokai (ghostly creature) found in Indonesia.

Before the widespread use of modern plumbing, wells (very often placed in backyards) were a common place to draw water, a place for bathing, and a meeting site for the women and children of the community.  Indonesian women usually wore their hair in a bun but here they could literally let their hair down while they were washing.

This was the stalking ground of the kuntil anak – the child stealer.

She was an undead spirit that looked like a human woman but had a large hollow back, disguised by her long hair. She would walk among the women of the village unobserved, and attempt to steal away children by stuffing them into the hole in her back.

The number of community wells has decreased in event times, but the memories, and the fear of passing such a well alone after dark, remains.

More information can be found here …

And there’s more!

We are now running a giveaway on Goodreads for a different book – Volume 1 of the Sword, Mirror, Jewel trilogy!

The gods and demons of ancient Japanese Mythology have returned, and they are at war! Modern Tokyo is being turned into a battleground … and Japanese-American teenager Reiko Bergman, and her friends, are caught in the crossfire! Can they stay alive long enough to find out which side to trust?

” … combines the pace of a modern science fiction/fantasy novel with an authentic recreation of the atmosphere, society, history and mythology of Japan.” – Amazon 5-star review.

The giveaway can be found here! 

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