Phill Evans – “The Land-Ship”

“If there is any such thing as a ‘classic’ Dieselpunk story, this is it.” – Holly Gonzalez, author.

” … asks questions that are as true today as they might have been back then; questions that leave the reader to ponder and wonder the meaning of life and the purpose of war.” – Amazon 5-star review.

The second image from Artist of the Month Phill Evans is “The Land-Ship”, his illustration for the dark Dieselpunk short story “Dulce et Decorum Est”. This story is the second in the Futurist Manifesto series, and is available as an e-short or in the collection “Tales From Beyond Tomorrow” volume one!

Publisher’s Description:

Ypres, 1917: the height of the First World War. Captain Martin Blake and his squad are trapped in a nightmarish maze of flooded trenches and barbed wire on the Passchendaele Ridge. Amongst the bombs, bullets and gas, however, an unearthly menace is lurking, threatening reality itself. The Angels of Mons have returned … and they’re not Angels anymore …

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