Phill Evans – “Steam Devils”

Excalibur salutes Artist of the Month Phill Evans! The first image we feature this week is “Steam Devils”, his illustration for the Steampunk novelette, “The Invention of God!” This story is the first in the Futurist Manifesto series, and is available as an e-short or in the collection “Tales From Beyond Tomorrow” volume one!

Publisher’s Description:

Mr. Gregory was the most renowned Spiritualist Medium in Victorian Britain – until the agents of the Ottoman Empire ordered him killed, and he was forced into a hunted, vagrant existence in the most squalid parts of London. Now Lady Florence Padbury, head of Imperial Counter Intelligence, wants to bring Gregory back to serve the Crown on one more mission: to contact the soul of a murdered inventor … a man who held the key to a revolutionary new technology that could give the British Empire’s airships and steam-walkers the winning edge in the Crimean War …

Buy the story here!

Buy the collection here!

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