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“Read More – Listen Better!” – An Interview with Artist Phill Evans

Phill Evans is a British multi-media artist who has created some striking covers and illustrations for Excalibur Books. As Artist of the Month July 2017, this is an exclusive interview with him.   (NB. On this page we are showcasing … Continue reading

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Phill Evans – “1992”

This is Phill Evans’s vision of an alternative Dystopian London-  in the disturbing Cyberpunk tale, “Skin Condition”! The year is 1992 in an environmentally devastated, dystopian Britain. The wealthy and controversial TV evangelist Howard Hopgood lies in a London hospital, … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal: Phill Evans – “City of Revelations”!

REVEALED! Phill Evans’ stunning cover for the Lovecraftian Dieselpunk tale, “City of Reflections!”  Read the excerpt below .. Venice, he had always thought, was a city of reflections. Facades, basilicas, domes and towers – all pondering their appearance in the … Continue reading

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Japan-Based Fantasy

“Sword, Mirror, Jewel” is a YA Urban Fantasy trilogy featuring Japanese-American teenager Reiko Bergman! BOOK 1 – VOICE OF THE SWORD  Reiko thought she had her hands full with exam stress and adjusting to life in modern Tokyo after 11 … Continue reading

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Japan-Themed Horror

Zoe Drake is an Australian writer, journalist and photographer living in Tokyo, Japan. She is also one of the authors on the Excalibur Books publisher’s list. She is the author of: Dark Lanterns A city of 12 million people. 12 … Continue reading

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Phill Evans – “The Land-Ship”

“If there is any such thing as a ‘classic’ Dieselpunk story, this is it.” – Holly Gonzalez, author. ” … asks questions that are as true today as they might have been back then; questions that leave the reader to … Continue reading

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Japan-Themed Science Fiction

      Cody L. Martin is an American writer living in Japan. An avid SF fan, he wrote his first screenplay in high school and has branched out into SF and action novels. He has written articles about Star … Continue reading

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New Wave Slipstream

A PSYCHEDELIC GHOST IN THE MACHINE! On December 31st 1999, a man walked out of his Southend hotel room and was never seen again. This baffling disappearance was the latest (but not the last) chapter in the turbulent life of … Continue reading

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Phill Evans – “Steam Devils”

Excalibur salutes Artist of the Month Phill Evans! The first image we feature this week is “Steam Devils”, his illustration for the Steampunk novelette, “The Invention of God!” This story is the first in the Futurist Manifesto series, and is … Continue reading

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Alternative-History Gothic Steampunk

Cover Font by FZ Cover Design by Mirna Gilman, Books Go Social   “Moonlight, Murder & Machinery” is a bold reimagining of the Frankenstein story, set in a bizarre Steampunk Regency England! It is the year 1814 in the nation … Continue reading

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