Deene Kingston: “From Venus With Love”

We continue the Big Shout Out to Artist of the Month Deene Kingston with his stunning cover to The Futurist Manifesto # 4: “Jimmy Diamond and the Girl from Venus”!

Publisher’s Description:

London, 1965. The city is a swinging, futuristic metropolis filled with Mods, Rockers, robots, moon rockets, laser pistols and flying scooters. Jimmy Diamond is a young Private Investigator struggling to make ends meet; when a gorgeous dolly bird walks into his office, asking him to find her missing scientist father, he jumps at the chance to take the case. He doesn’t know that soon he’ll be on the run from MI5 agents, British Venusian Society cult members, and a gang of killer robots.
Things they do look awful cold … seems like Jimmy’s going to die before he gets old!

The cover is above, and the original illustration is below. Excalibur Endures!

Buy the novelette here!

Learn more about The Futurist Manifesto here!


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