Deene Kingston: “Blackout”

The Big Shout Out to artist Deene Kingston keeps on rolling, with his internal illustration for The Futurist Manifesto # 5: “Nightfall in Utopia”!

Publisher’s Description: 

July 13th, 1977: New York City is paralyzed by a mysterious blackout, cutting off all electrical power. NYPD Lieutenant Luke Cambridge and his men are trying to keep order in the streets, but lootings and muggings are the least of their troubles. Max Jankovitz, Director of E.A.G.L.E. (Executive Action Group – Law Enforcement) has ordered the NYPD to assist the city’s Over-Heroes … billionaire genius Lewis LeBeau has just kidnapped the Vice-President of the USA … and an eerie, impenetrable cloud has enveloped the top floors of the Empire State building.
The temperature is rising … the darkness is falling … after tonight, Manhattan will never be the same again!

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Learn more about The Futurist Manifesto here!

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