Author of the Month: Jamie Carter

About Jamie Carter

Carter started his career in music journalism at the age of twenty-two, with the Pop column for the Sheffield Evening News. In his career, he has written for the New Musical Express, London listings magazine City Limits, style magazine The Face, Mojo, Uncut and Esquire. He is also the author of Cold Snaps, documenting northern England’s music scene.

About Jason Zodiac

On December 31st 1999, a man walked out of his Southend hotel room and was never seen again. This baffling disappearance was the latest (but not the last) chapter in the turbulent life of Jason Zodiac – musician, actor, anarchist, counter-culture guru and all-round mystery. Even his real name was unknown – to the public he was simply Jason Zodiac, friend of John Lennon, Syd Barrett, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Joe Strummer, Tony Wilson and Thom Yorke. Zodiac was the man behind the Sonic Warriors Cookbook, the Westminster Canine Protests, and the insertion of secret messages into all of his records. Zodiac was the hated enemy of both Margaret Thatcher and Mary Whitehouse, who claimed he was ‘the single cause of the corruption of modern youth’.

Now, expanding on his retroculture columns from Fugue magazine, rock journalist Jamie Carter includes eyewitness interviews, recently released government papers and police reports, to reveal the shocking truth behind the legend!




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