The Official Kappa of Kappabashi Image Gallery (sort of)

On a beautiful day in Spring (April 12) I decided to count and record the Kappa statues in the Kappabashi area of Shitamachi, Tokyo. If I missed one or two … please let me know in a comment!



 IMG_9620IMG_9621IMG_9623IMG_9624IMG_9625IMG_9626(This guy looked a bit worse for wear. He had a wound in his right side, so I photographed him from the left.)


(Not sure of the story here. A young boy … carved in wood … wearing a Kappa on his head. Can anyone help?)

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One Response to The Official Kappa of Kappabashi Image Gallery (sort of)

  1. Shekeilah Angawa says:

    Oohh!! So that’s what a Kappa looks like. I was kinda imagining them a bit differently. . . Thanks for the pictures!

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