Welcome to the “Voice of the Jewel” Paperback Launch Contest!


Welcome to the party that celebrates the completion of the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” series, the explosive YA Urban Fantasy trilogy based on the arcane and mysterious world of Japanese Mythology!

As a free gift, download your copy of Book One from HERE.

The five prizes:

5 – An ebook copy of “The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology”, the companion book to the SMJ trilogy.
4 – A signed paperback copy of Book 1, “Voice of the Sword”.
3 – Three ebooks of the full SMJ trilogy.
2 – Three ebooks of the full SMJ trilogy, plus an ebook copy of “The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology”.
1 – Three signed paperback copies of the SMJ trilogy plus an ebook copy of “The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology”.

To enter the contest and win one of the five prizes, post your anecdote or photograph of unusual weather (blizzard, heatwave, rain, storm) in the comments below. If there’s a problem, please post it on the Facebook event page, which you can find here, along with previous entries:


Read the first “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” prologue exclusively HERE: “The Sakura Strategy” 


Read the second “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” prologue exclusively HERE: “The Ghosts of Gunkanjima”



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6 Responses to Welcome to the “Voice of the Jewel” Paperback Launch Contest!

  1. Shekeilah Angawa says:

    I live in a country where instead of four seasons, there are only two; where instead of snow, storms come to visit. A country in the Pacific Ocean. I live in the Philippines- The Pearl of the Orient Seas.
    Not that long ago, not sure of the year (2005-2010), we had a big storm. It raged on for weeks. Classes were all suspended because of the intensity of the wind and rain. The wind would howl for hours and it felt like it would blow away our roof. Water would flow endlessly on the streets even though we live in a city in the mountains. Electricity was cut to prevent any accident. Everyone stayed inside their houses and would only dare to venture out if they really, really need to buy food or if they ran out of candles. Even the stores ran out of candles.
    Our house was not really built for storms. It has three stories which is shaped like a letter L. Half of the house was old and has not been renovated since it was built. It was made of wood. At that time, the roof of this part of the building would leak. We placed pails under the leaks and would have to throw the water every now and then. The other half was better but I wouldn’t call it new. This part was made of cement. On the second floor was a balcony that we have to pass to get to the kitchen. The balcony was so wet because of the crazy direction of the wind and rain. It bacame slippery. So, my parents would go to the kitchen and pass the food on plates through my other window. That window was connected to the kitchen but it had bars. So, it’s impossible to make it a door. We stayed in that situation for a week with nothing else to do but wonder about how it is outside.
    After the storm, classes resumed. When we went back to school, we had to clean first because the windows were shattered and there were leaves and twigs everywhere. We opened the tv that evening and the news shows that the lowlands had been flooded and people lost their homes. Some of them waiting for help and some of them stayed at evacuation centers. That was when I thought we were still lucky.

  2. Jacob Smith says:

    Thank you for your contest entry, Shekeilah!

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  4. Jennifer says:

    I wish I knew how to post a photo! An unusual weather antedote would be just as I went into labor with my daughter, the sky at sunset was so dark red, I’d never seen anything like it! In Japanese, the word for baby is akachan (red darling).

  5. J P Catton says:

    Thank you, Jennifer! Your post has been entered into the competition!

  6. Jacob Smith says:

    Jennifer, we’d like to contact you regarding the contest prizes. Could you send an email to John Paul Catton to albionjpc@jcom.home.ne.jp please? Thanks!

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