“Voice of the Jewel” Paperback Launch Competition & Giveaway!



    IMG_9275Welcome to the Voice of the Jewel paperback launch competition and giveaway! This online event will be held from now until February 26th, to officially launch the paperback edition of the grand finale of the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” trilogy!

    What is the SMJ Trilogy? Find out by clicking here …
    We’ll be hosting a competition with 5 prizes:
    5 – An ebook copy of “The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology”, the companion book to the SMJ trilogy.
    4 – A signed paperback copy of Book 1, “Voice of the Sword”.
    3 – Three ebooks of the full SMJ trilogy.
    2 – Three ebooks of the full SMJ trilogy, plus an ebook copy of “The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology”.
    1 – Three signed paperback copies of the SMJ trilogy plus an ebook copy of “The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology”.
    Also! During the final weekend of the competition (Feb 25th-26th) Volume 1, “Voice of the Sword,” will be available as a free download!
    How to enter the competition?
    “Voice of the Jewel” takes place during the Sapporo Snow Festival, so you enter the competition by posting your brief personal anecdotes of extreme weather – blizzards, heatwaves, rain, or storm! We prefer that you post your stories in the comments on this Excalibur website page, but stories posted on this Facebook event page will be accepted. The 5 winners with the best posts will be announced at the closing of the event.

    Facebook event page here …
    Well, what are you waiting for? The event is open to stories now! Get writing – and get winning!



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