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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Excalibur is currently celebrating the release of “Zero Sum Game” by new Excalibur author Cody L. Martin, and the conclusion of the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” trilogy with the release of the “Voce of the Jewel” ebook (both with stunning covers by Stephanie Hobbs)! Very soon, we’ll be having  an online launch competition event to mark the release of the VOJ paperback – stay tuned for more news!

The next release on the Excalibur schedule, scheduled for June 2017, will be the twelfth book in the catalog! Volume Two of “Tales From Beyond Tomorrow” will contain novelettes, short stories and comic strips on the theme of alternative-history science fiction, along with artwork from Rod Campbell, Danielle Drake, Phill Evans and many more!

Those stories will also be released separately as part of the “Futurist Manifesto” series of “e-short singles”. Two of them are already available – the details are listed below!

Volume Two of TFBT will bring us to the end of Phase One of the Excalibur Literary Universe. Phase Two, starting in the second half of 2017, will see the beginning of a dramatic new series of novels by Zoe Drake, entitled “Fiat Lux”! Volume 1 in the series, “The Approaching Light”, will be out in December!

Until then – here are those new Futurist manifesto stories!


February, 1937; Venice. The city is in the middle of Carnival festivities, but behind the masks, fireworks and gaiety, a nameless evil haunts the shadow-filled streets. What are the insane theories of the renegade scientist Professor Danilov? How will they influence Hitler and the Nazi’s march to European supremacy? Who are the mysterious Plague Doctors watching Danilov’s every move?

City of Reflections

(Cover by Danielle Drake)


October, 1987. A British Army EOD unit is frantically trying to defuse an armed nuclear bomb in the center of London. Their best man, Senior Explosives Officer Christopher Owen, is on site. He is working without food, without rest, and without fear … because SEO Owen is no longer human.


(Cover by Danielle Drake)

For more information on the Futurist Manifesto series, click on the “Tales From Beyond Tomorrow” tab in the menu above!

For the full Excalibur catalog – read on!


The “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” series – by John Paul Catton


Book 1: Voice of the Jewel

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Creatures from Japanese mythology have returned to modern Japan. Tengu, Kappa and Kitsune are at war on the streets of Tokyo … and Reiko Bergman, Japanese-American teenager, is caught in the crossfire.

ebook and paperback on sale here

Book 2: Voice of the Mirror

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Continuing the Yokai War begun in the first book, Reiko and her friends are thrown back in time to Japan’s Edo Period, to fight ghosts and monsters alongside the genius artist Katsushika Hokusai.

ebook and paperback on sale here

Book 3: Voice of the Jewel

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The epic trilogy reaches its world-shattering conclusion as Reiko Bergman and her friends fight to protect the third artifact of Japan’s Imperial Treasures! On their school trip to the Sapporo Snow Festival, mysterious figures are lurking among the giant icy sculptures … and a new and shocking villain is revealed!

ebook on sale here

The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology


A companion to the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” trilogy and a guide to the gods, demons, and Yokai (supernatural creatures) that inhabit the rich and fascinating realm of Japanese mythology, legends and folklore!

ebook on sale here

books by cody l. martin


Zero Sum Game – by Cody L. Martin

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The resurrection of one world will mean the destruction of another. The homeworld of the alien Noigel has been annihilated. Their existence as a species is on a razor’s edge. But they have found a replacement: Earth. But it must be changed to suit their needs. If they succeed, all of humanity will perish. When an alien secret agent is killed, his technology and mission are given to Hina Takamachi. The Japanese schoolgirl discovers the alien’s battle suit gives her incredible powers, just like the anime heroines she admired as a kid. The battle suit’s artificial intelligence, whom Hina names Voice, informs her that only she can save the world from the Noigel. With Voice training and guiding her, Hina must overcome her own self-doubts and find the courage to stop the Noigel’s plan. For one world to win, the other must lose.

ebook on sale here

paperback on sale here

The “Drakeverse” series – by Zoe Drake


The Mists of Osorezan

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A terrifying blend of J-Horror and H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos!

ebook and paperback on sale here

Dead Hand Clapping


A bizarre serial killer is terrorizing the neon wilderness of Tokyo’s sleazy nightlife!

ebook on sale here

Dark Lanterns

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A collection of Japan-based Yokai-themed short stories!

ebook on sale here

The Jason Zodiac series – by Jamie Carter


The Jason Zodiac Files – Volume One: Whatever Happened to Jason? 


Music journalist Jamie Carter’s biography of one of Rock Music’s most mysterious and controversial figures!

ebook on sale here

paperback on sale here


The Futurist Manifesto series – by John Paul Catton


Tales from Beyond Tomorrow – Volume One


A lavishly illustrated collection of Retropunk novelettes, short stories and comic strips offering ten bizarre alternative histories!

ebook and paperback on sale here

Moonlight, Murder and Machinery

Moonlight Ebook Cover

A stand-alone Gothic SF Romance: Warrior-poets Byron, Shelly and Keats pursue Frankenstein’s monster through a bizarre Steampunk Regency England!

ebook and paperback on sale here

For detailed information on any title, please refer to the menu above!


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