Cover Reveal – Voice of the Jewel!

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now it can be revealed!

This stunning ebook cover by Stephanie Hobbs heralds the explosive end to the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” trilogy! 

Reiko Bergman and her friends are on a school trip to the island of Hokkaido, in northern Japan. Sapporo city is host to the world-famous Snow Festival, where giant ice statues and sculptures are on display to the public.

They think they are out of danger. They think the Jewel, the third Sacred Treasure of Japan, is safely protected. They think the Kagetori have given up their quest for revenge.

But then they find they are being tracked through the snow-covered streets by shadowy assailants …

An impenetrable force field appears around Sapporo city center, trapping Reiko and hundreds of people within it. The ice statues come to life, animated by one purpose; kill Reiko and anyone else who knows of the existence of the Jewel. The Snow Festival has become a death trap.

The stakes have never been higher … the evil has never been colder … and when Reiko finally discovers who is behind the chaos, she will find herself at the edge of defeat, powerless to prevent the death of one of her friends …

on sale december 2016!

for volumes i and ii – go here!!!

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