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Moonlight, Murder & Machinery: “The Puffing Devil Goes Up In Smoke”

  “The dead man was named Richard Trevithick,” Shelley said, reading from the City Watch report. “What do we know about him?” Gordon was sitting opposite Shelley and Rose, with Polidori on one side and Felicia on the other. Felicia, … Continue reading

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Moonlight, Murder and Machinery: The Characters

The setting of the Steampunk thriller “Moonlight, Murder & Machinery”  is an alternate Regency England where the historical timeline diverged in 1742. This created a decidedly different British Isles where the Industrial Revolution has branched off in a bizarre direction, … Continue reading

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Inside the World of “Moonlight, Murder & Machinery”!

  Welcome to London, 1814 – capital city of Nova Albion! “The new Covent Garden megalith loomed over the rooftops as Mary’s horse and carriage clattered past. Claire was right – you could see it from New Oxford Street. The Godwin’s … Continue reading

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