Moonlight, Murder & Machinery!

Moonlight Ebook Cover

A bold reimagining of the Frankenstein story, set in a bizarre Steampunk Regency England!


It is the year 1814 in the nation of Nova Albion, an alternative British Isles powered by a bizarre combination of magic and technology, and policed by an elite armed force known as the Chosen Men. A baffling series of crimes leads Chosen Men Byron, Shelley and Keats to the beautiful and headstrong Mary Godwin, who is plagued with prophetic nightmares about a scientist intent on creating life from the bodies of the dead.

Shelley finds himself emotionally entangled with Mary as the investigation deepens, but this only draws them deeper into peril … what gruesome artifacts are being smuggled into the land through Cornwall? Who is the ghostly highwayman who haunts the countryside’s lonely turnpikes? Why is the elusive enemy able to anticipate the Chosen Men’s every move?

To save both himself and Mary, Shelley must face secrets and mysteries hidden within his own soul … secrets that could destroy the very nation he is fighting for …


“The book is obviously born out of a love of Gothic literature, with references peppered throughout (the names of the protagonists, for example, are “Mary” and “Shelley”), but it never feels like a parody. The world is so well-drawn, so intricately detailed, that it rises above its inspiration, feeling fresh, original and exciting. As genre-mashing tributes go, it’s certainly far superior to the likes of the cynical ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ and its depressing brethren.

I know there are a whole lot of Steampunk romance fans out there, searching for something you can really get your teeth into. You’d be doing yourselves a favour to grab a copy of this as soon as you can.”
– John McNee, author of “Prince of Nightmares” and “Grudge Punk”.

Kindle and Paperback versions here!

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