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Moonlight, Murder & Machinery!

A bold reimagining of the Frankenstein story, set in a bizarre Steampunk Regency England!   It is the year 1814 in the nation of Nova Albion, an alternative British Isles powered by a bizarre combination of magic and technology, and … Continue reading

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Jason Zodiac: “I Buried Paul”

Excerpt from Jamie Carter’s biography of rock and TV legend Jason Zodiac. Gerald Moore, who played the character Doctor Chess in the T-Service series, retired from acting in the late Seventies. According to the Fugue magazine files, he currently ran … Continue reading

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Venice 1936: City of Reflections

This story was published in July 2016, so the excerpt is no longer available.     THE FULL STORY WILL BE PUBLISHED IN “TALES FROM BEYOND TOMORROW” VOLUME TWO, RELEASED IN MARCH 2017. VOLUME ONE, WITH TEN SIZZLING SLICES OF … Continue reading

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The Empty Map

Halfway through the grounds of Kasaieki-mae Park, on her way home from school, Yuko Iwata stopped and stared to her left. She saw a riotous sprawl of color on the ground around one of the garbage bins. That in itself … Continue reading

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