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The Kageyama Treatment

EXCERPT: Tetsuo Nozaki straightened himself, wiped his brow once more with his handkerchief, and then returned it to his back pocket. It wouldn’t be acceptable to be seen perspiring during the presentation, he knew. The sponsors might think it was … Continue reading

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Jason Zodiac: Pump Up The Volume

1: DRUG RAVE-UP IN HANGAR! Mandy comes into my life in the summer of 1988 – yes, that’s right, the so-called ‘Second Summer of Love’. She walks into the back room of the Camden Falcon, just after bunch of no-hopers … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Meat

EXCERPT (This is from a short story featured in the Fantasy/SF collection “Tales From Beyond Tomorrow” Volume One). 1: STARTERS DRUM ROLL OF COLONIAL FISH Poached mullet marinated for twenty-four hours in a sauce of milk, rosolio liquer, capers and … Continue reading

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One Fine Day In The Middle Of The Night

EXCERPT In the House of the Crazy Dead, Group Captain Ian was fighting for his life. Johnny Shoxx and his army of zombies had smashed down the doors to the ballroom, and were battering their way in – and for … Continue reading

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