Excalibur 2016: Books for the Year Ahead!

Happy New Year, readers of quality fiction! Today Excalibur celebrates its tenth release – “The Mists of Osorezan”, by Zoe Drake – and outlines its plans for the year ahead, as Phase One of the Excalibur Literary Universe comes to an end!

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“Sword, Mirror, Jewel” Book 3: “Voice of the Jewel” (Release date: June 2016)
The epic trilogy based on Japanese mythology reaches its world-shattering conclusion as Reiko Bergman and her friends fight to protect the third artifact of Japan’s Imperial Treasures! On their school trip to the Sapporo Snow Festival, mysterious threatening figures are lurking among the giant icy sculptures … and a new and shocking villain is about to be revealed!


“Tales From Beyond Tomorrow” Volume Two (Release date: December 2016)
A new collection of novelettes, short stories and comic strips featuring twelve alternative histories! This time, the settings include a Steampunk version of America’s Old West … Venice on the eve of World War Two … and the first manned scientific mission to Mars!



The “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” series (by John Paul Catton)

Book 1: Voice of the Sword
Creatures from Japanese mythology have returned to modern Japan. Tengu, Kappa and Kitsune are at war on the streets of Tokyo … and Reiko Bergman, Japanese-American teenager, is caught in the crossfire!
ebook on sale here
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Book 2: Voice of the Mirror
Continuing the Yokai War begun in the first book, Reiko and her friends are thrown back in time to Japan’s Edo Period, to fight ghosts and monsters alongside the genius artist Katsushika Hokusai!
ebook on sale here
paperback on sale here

The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology
A companion to the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” trilogy and a guide to the gods, demons, and Yokai (supernatural creatures) that inhabit the rich and fascinating realm of Japanese mythology, legends and folklore!
ebook on sale here

The Jason Zodiac series (by Jamie Carter)
“The Jason Zodiac Files” – Volume One
Music journalist Jamie Carter’s biography of one of Rock music’s most mysterious and controversial figures!
ebook on sale here
paperback on sale here


The Futurist Manifesto series (by John Paul Catton)

“Tales from Beyond Tomorrow” – Volume One
A lavishly illustrated collection of Retropunk novelettes, short stories and comic strips offering ten bizarre alternative histories!
ebook on sale here
paperback on sale here

“Moonlight, Murder and Machinery”
A stand-alone Gothic SF Romance: Warrior-poets Byron, Shelly and Keats pursue Frankenstein’s monster through a bizarre Steampunk Regency England!
ebook on sale here
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The “Drakeverse” series – by Zoe Drake

“The Mists of Osorezan”
A terrifying blend of J-Horror and H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos!
ebook on sale here
paperback coming soon

“Dead Hand Clapping”
A bizarre serial killer is terrorizing the neon wilderness of Tokyo’s sleazy nightlife!
ebook on sale here

“Dark Lanterns”
A collection of Japan-based Yokai-themed short stories!
ebook on sale here

“3/11: The Fallout” by Patrick Fox
A non-fiction omnibus work, designed to raise funds for charities helping the reconstruction of Tohoku communities shattered by the 3/11 disaster!
paperback on sale here

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