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Sword, Mirror, Jewel – Book 3 Exclusive!

Chapter One of “Voice of the Jewel”, the explosive finale to the “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” trilogy! I’ve saved the world once and Tokyo twice. Well, when I say twice, one of them was an alternative world Tokyo and doesn’t really … Continue reading

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“The Mists of Osorezan”: Obakemono and Yokai

Sample chapter from “The Mists of Osorezan”, a supernatural thriller by Zoe Drake. The last lesson of the day had finished, and the girls were now getting ready for their daily ‘after-school’ activities. Taking out brooms and brushes to clean … Continue reading

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Excalibur 2016: Books for the Year Ahead!

Happy New Year, readers of quality fiction! Today Excalibur celebrates its tenth release – “The Mists of Osorezan”, by Zoe Drake – and outlines its plans for the year ahead, as Phase One of the Excalibur Literary Universe comes to … Continue reading

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