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Jason Zodiac # 6: Unknown Pleasures Closer Still

This is the sixth excerpt from Jamie Carter’s biography of the mysterious counter-culture guru Jason Zodiac. The following is taken from an interview with fellow rock journalist, Simon Briggs. So we fussed with chopsticks over spicy tom kah kai, and … Continue reading

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Jimmy Diamond and the Girl from Venus

(EXCERPT) Jimmy Diamond leaped onto his Vespa GX2000 scooter, kicked the antigrav engine into life, and rose into the skies above Hammersmith. He straightened his skinny tie, wiped the last remnants of egg and bacon from his chin, and pushed … Continue reading

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Fallen Angles

“Halt! Who goes there?” Captain Martin Blake pointed his revolver at the figures moving at the end of the trench. “Don’t shoot!” came a voice. “Don’t shoot! We’re from the War Office!” Blake kept his gun trained on the shadowy … Continue reading

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