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Jason Zodiac: Lost In The Supermarket

EXCERPT # 5: The following is an email received by FUGUE magazine, May 20–. FROM: SUBJECT: FAO Mr. Jamie Carter – Appeal for Information (Zodiac) DATE: —-/5/14 TO: Dear Mr. Carter, First, let me say what a great … Continue reading

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Blackout: 1977

EXCERPT They arrived by flying saucer ten minutes afterwards. From the ramp leading out of the shining silver torus they stepped into the main lobby of the Empire State Building, where Lt. Cambridge and the other NYPD officers waited. Cambridge … Continue reading

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The Mists of Osorezan

(Excerpt) There was a smell in the air, a smell that David noticed the moment he opened the car door, leaving the air-conditioned interior to stand in the middle of the parking lot. It was the smell of sulfur. The … Continue reading

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