John Paul Catton: An Overview

At the mid-point of 2015, and with the first draft of “Voice of the Jewel” finished and clocking in at just under 100,000 words, I thought it was time for a look at where we’re at.

The Sword, Mirror, Jewel series

A YA Urban Fantasy trilogy based on the legends of the Sanshu no Jingi – the Three Imperial Treasures of ancient Japanese mythology. An interdimensional portal has opened beneath Tokyo … the war between different races of Yokai, creatures from Japanese legends and folklore, is about to erupt onto the streets of the metropolis … and Reiko Bergman, Japanese-American teenager and history buff, is caught right in the middle.

Book 1: “Voice of the Sword” – here.

Book 2: “Voice of the Mirror” – here.

Book 3: “Voice of the Jewel” – forthcoming!

“The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology” – an introduction to Reiko Bergman’s universe, and the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit Japan’s legends and folklore. Find it here.

The Futurist Manifesto series

A multiverse consisting of novels, novelettes, short stories, and comic strips where altered histories produced new and bizarre worlds!

Tales From Beyond Tomorrow, Volume One

Ten tales of fractured realities and parallel Earths!

Find it here.

Moonlight, Murder & Machinery

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Jane Austen had written “Frankenstein” and set it in a Steampunk Regency England? Then wonder no more!

Find it here.

Other Authors from Excalibur Books


Author of spine-chilling adult-orientated horror stories and thrillers based on Japanese folktales, but set in 21st-century Tokyo.

Find “Dark Lanterns” here!

Find “Dead Hand Clapping” here!

“The Osorezan Memorial” – forthcoming!


Rock journalist and author of the biography of Jason Zodiac – one of the 20th-century’s most mysterious counter-culture gurus. Forthcoming!

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