A Beat Generation Guide to San Francisco

The following photoblog shows some locations associated with the American Beat Movement of the Fifties and Sixties … the locations consist of:

City Lights Bookstore
261 Columbus Avenue at Broadway
North Beach SF

The Beat Museum
540 Broadway SF

The Naked Lunch cafe and diner
504 Broadway SF

(These three locations are all within two minutes walk of each other. Also, taking photos is permitted inside the Museum – hence the pictures below!)

Golden Gate park

Big Sur, about 3 hours drive from SF.

City Lights bookshop front

The mural in the alleyway around the corner from City Lights

A quotation from Jack Kerouac’s work carved into the alley sidewalk

Beat Museum Mural (next to entrance)

Shirt worn by Neal Cassady when driving the ‘Furthur’ bus for Ken Kesey

An Underwood typewriter of the same model used by the Beat writers

The 1949 Hudson used in the 2012 film version of “On The Road”

Howl Text

Howl Joke

Signboard outside The Naked Lunch Diner

Spicy Chicken Burger and Roast Lamb Cheesesteak Sandwich with Chili Fries at The Naked Lunch Diner

If you look carefully at the lady in the background, you can see she’s reading “The Maltese Falcon” by another San Francisco literary landmark, Dashiel Hammet. How postmodern is that?!

The Naked Lunch Interior

Golden Gate Park

The Janis Joplin Tree

The first Human Be-In

Big Sur

Bixby Bridge

The tiny beach under Bixby Bridge where Jack Kerouac – possibly – wrote the poem “Sea” in 1960

A glass of Big Sur ale to round off the day!

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