Philip K Dick in Kanda

What’s the story behind the cafe in Kanda (central Tokyo) that has set up a display dedicated to the works of Philip K Dick, especially Blade Runner?

The secret is that the cafe (The Christie Cafe) is right next door to (and is owned by) the Hayakawa publishing company, which specializes in mystery, suspense, fantasy, and science fiction. Until Dec 26th, they’re running an exhibition that features a special menu (Do Androids Dream of Mutton Mixed Grill, amongst other dishes), a Voight-Kampff Empathy questionnaire form (in Japanese) to find out if you’re a replicant or not, an origami sheet of instructions on how to fold the trademark chicken and unicorn, and nightly screenings of PKD film adaptations. Soundtracks (such as the seminal Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack) are piped through the PA from 5pm to closing time.

Go and see it …because otherwise those two months of the display will be lost … like tears in the rain.

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