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1965 – Jimmy Diamond and the Girl from Venus

Jimmy Diamond leaped onto his Vespa GX2000 scooter, kicked the antigrav engine into life, and rose into the skies above Hammersmith. He straightened his skinny tie, wiped the last remnants of egg and bacon from his chin, and pushed in … Continue reading

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A Day’s Walk Through Mukoujima

OR: Following the Trail of Katsushika Hokusai! The day started by saying goodbye to the crowds swarming around Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and walking across Azuma Bridge into the heart of the oldest part of the shitamachi (downtown) part of … Continue reading

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Specters, Ghosts and Sorcerers in Ukiyo-e

The Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art is a discreet traditionally-designed building tucked away round the corner from the flashy, glossy Omotesando avenue in the heart of Tokyo, and yesterday I was there to view a current exhibition entitled “Specters, … Continue reading

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