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Jimmy Diamond – part 2

For part 1, go to the main menu and scroll down. The man in front was tall, with short sandy hair brushed to the side, wearing heavy black NHS spectacles with straight sidebars. The second stranger held the blaster pointed … Continue reading

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London, 1965: Jimmy Diamond and the Girl from Venus

This is an excerpt from a story in “The Futurist Manifesto”, coming from Excalibur Books in October 2013. Jimmy Diamond leaped onto his Vespa GX2000 scooter, kicked the antigrav engine into life, and rose into the skies above Hammersmith. He … Continue reading

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Ypres, 1917: Dulce Et Decorum Est

The following excerpt is from a short story that will be published in “The Futurist Manifesto”, by Excalibur Books, October 2013. Dulce et Decorum Est “Halt! Who goes there?” Captain Martin Blake pointed his revolver at the figures moving at … Continue reading

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