Today is the Tomorrow you were promised Yesterday

Friday 15th Feb saw a cold, snowy day in Odaiba (the newest part of Tokyo, that rests on reclaimed land near Tokyo Bay) where I was off to do some research in the MIRAIKAN – the Tokyo Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. I was rather surprised to find the place almost empty – so I decided to take some snaps, as an exercise in Futurism.

I deliberately framed the shots to avoid human beings where possible, and I am not putting up any captions.

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6 Responses to Today is the Tomorrow you were promised Yesterday

  1. The only thing missing are robotized AKB48 members. (Wait… maybe they… oh, perish the thought!)

  2. Catton John says:

    Hmm. Humanoid machines who perform set routines, programmed only to entertain. So … yeah.

  3. J P Catton says:

    I only used an iPhone mate!

  4. Phill Evans says:

    Points for product placement!

  5. J P Catton says:

    Product placement, me? Never.
    Now according to my Rolex it’s 2 am here so I’m going to jump in my Aston Martin and go home.

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