Friday, November 23rd. While the US was having Thanksgiving Japan was having Labor Day … a national holiday just before the Christmas rush and the Oshogatsu end-of-year celebrations.

Although the weather was not so good, the 303 Crew carried out its promise and got the train into the city centre, to photograph the renovated and refurbished Tokyo Station, as it was meant to look back in 1914.

Designed by architect Tatsuno Kingo, this building has survived earthquake, fire, war, and incompetent city planning. and has brought a new sense of pride back to the city’s commuters. Also, the neighboring Post Office has also had a face lift – and its clock even tells the right time!

From Modernist Architecture to Mod Fashion … our next stop was the Pretty Green boutique in Aoyama. Owned by Liam Gallagher from Oasis, the Tokyo branch of the Carnaby Street Mod Revival lynchpin store opened in June of this year.

Also seen around town; James Bond teams up with Anton Chigurh and Tia Dalma in an apparent rip-off of “Trainspotting”.

And finally; what could this be? part of the Isetan department store Christmas decorations? Or Nightmare Fuel from a deranged animated Wonderland???

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