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Sonik Kicks in Odaiba


Saturday night; the 303 Crew heads down to Odaiba to see Paul Weller live. Plenty of tracks off the new album, some Style Council gems … but only one Jam song. Shame. But at least it was a great song!

Also, good to see that the Gundam giant killer robot has returned to its home in the park behind the Fuji TV building.

Also in the same park; what’s more awesome than a giant killer robot? A giant killer robot MADE OUT OF FLOWERS!!!

Finally, on the train going home, we bumped into these three Art School Babes going to a Halloween party in Shibuya – and they were cool enough to let us take their picture! Respect!

Scoop!!! World Shocked by Imminent Mod Revival


You may wonder why things have been so quiet recently. To be honest, I’ve been working on getting “Voice of the Sword” ready for release, and there are two other books waiting in the wings. I’ve got a birthday coming up very soon and the two jobs that I do to pay the rent are keeping me extremely busy. Nevertheless, in the scarce free time I do have, I’ve been going through old and new records, CDs, podcasts, mixes on Mixcloud to listen to what’s out there, and the rumors of the Mod Revival are more than rumors – check out the new albums by French Boutik and The Moons, and the tour by the reformed Secret Affair, as proof of what I’m getting at.
The latest shocking revelation in the Modsphere is that the 303 Crew have been invited – after winning a lottery draw – to an audience with no other than THE MODFATHER HIMSELF, MR. PAUL WELLER, on Monday afternoon, 22nd October! We already had tickets for the gig at Tokyo Zepp on the 27th – but this has come as a total shock and we here at Planet 303 are still reeling over the implications.
For more news, stay tuned – and check out his new album, Sonik Kicks.

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