The Skytree Gang of Asakusa

This is a photo tour of yesterday’s trip to Tokyo’s Shitamachi downtown area, inspired by a) the new Tokyo Skytree complex and b) Kawabata’s 1930 novel “The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa”. We did NOT try to go up the tower to the observation platform; there would have been no point. The tower has only been open 6 weeks and you still need to make reservations.
The entrance to the Solamachi Complex.

A high-tech Logan’s Run cosmopolis

Some so-called “attractions”, however, are abominations and should be avoided at all costs.

The night’s target! Yaki-ton skewered pork at TONPEI.

Night river scene

Skytree night illuminations with the ‘Golden Turd’ of the Asahi Building beside it. I’m sorry about the crap photo, but until I can nick a better one from Minako’s camera, this will have to do!

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