May News Round -Up

This week, May 21st to May 25th, we saw Japan’s media work up a sweat as they discussed the possibility of power cuts. All of Japan’s nuclear power stations are now offline, which means the Government is desperately advising people to conserve electricity to avoid brown-ous or even black-outs. The problem is the demand for air-conditioning units during the peak times of 2pm -8pm. Why is air-conditioning such a big deal? If you have ever visited Japan during the summer, you’ll know.

So, the population have been looking for ways to take their minds off the coming heat. Many were out on their balconies early on Monday morning to view the solar eclipse …

The Tokyo Sky Tree opened for business on May 22; the lucky 8,000 visitors were selected by lottery, but high winds made the staff stop two elevators, leaving 700 stranded on the upper observation deck for 1 hour …

My favorite way of avoiding the heat, however, would be to head for one of the vending machines that sells legal highs. (Wait, what …? But the Japanese, aren’t they so straight-laced? Aren’t they one of the few nations without a drug culture?) Sorry to disappoint you. Read this.

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