Your Attention Please

This is Winston Saint, and I will be taking over this blog on behalf of J P Catton for the foreseeable future. “Emails for the Edge” is currently being compiled into a book, which will be available in print in June – or if possible, as early as May. All proceeds from the book will be donated to charities and NGOs helping with the reconstruction of Tohoku. Also in June, “The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology” will be available as an ebook – while the print version of “Moonlight, Murder & Machinery” will FINALLY be available in print this month!
Further to the above, SAINT 303 will continue Mr. Catton’s work of promoting anarchism and civil disobedience. This is Winston Saint – saying throw away your books, and run into the streets. We are the Revolution of the Spirit.

About J P Catton

Speculative storytelling and skewed fiction: the blog and website of author John Paul Catton.
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