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The Kamikochi Trail


I’ve just come back from a summer vacation at Kamikochi, in Nagano prefecture, at the foot of the Western Japan Alps.

Spent most of Saturday hiking in the forest trails – through the swamps, around the lake.

Right in the middle of the trail was a hut that sold iwana – a kind of river fish, roasted on a stick around an open charcoal fire, and served with smoked cheese, noodles and a glass of fine nihonshu. Nothing better to set you up for the hike back to the hotel.

The New Asakusa Skyline


Yesterday – Aug 24th – I went on the Hokusai Walk, through downtown Tokyo, as research for the novel “Voice of the Mirror”, the sequel to “Voice of the Sword”. A full report will follow next week, but I’m off to the mountains tomorrow, and will be out of touch for a while.

And after that report …

it will be time for this.

Ghost Stories for a Japanese Summer



The Apocalypse will continue – after this word from our sponsor


Yes, indeed, I’d like to digress for a moment and mention what’s …
happening over at the offices of Fugue magazine. Jamie Carter’s efforts have resulted in the unearthing of the album cover artwork for the only album ever recorded by the Pale Angels, Jason Zodiac’s Glam Rock project, formed after the Banana Sundial broke up in late 1969. The LP, titled ‘Space Voodoo’, was released in September 1971, and features the drop-dead gorgeous artwork of the mysterious artist known only as ‘Grasshopper’. The track listing will be up soon in the Discography. Feast your eyes on this incredibly rare collector’s item!

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